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The Learning Environment

At the foundation of the Hallmark experience is its cohesive and intimate learning environment that unites synergy with passion.

It's been said that Hallmark graduates possess a strong and unique bond. Part of that stems from a level of respect that seems to exist between them no matter what year they graduated from Hallmark. This is probably due to the fact that they've all had the same training and endured the same trials. They've worked on the same photo sets with each other, hired each other, and referred each other for jobs. And they continue to stay in touch with, and support, each other via the official Hallmark alumni website.

Whether it was 1975 when the first class to attend Hallmark entered, or in September when the current class began their photographic education at Hallmark, the cohesive and intimate learning environment found here provided the foundation for the synergy and passion that combines to create a mystique that is simply magical.

But what else would you expect to find when you have up to 320 individuals, willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to be successful, all working together under one roof, in the best facilities with the best equipment, being trained by the most passionate, dedicated and talented group of working professional photographers and artists found anywhere in the world?


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