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The Best Equipment and Facilities

Hallmark's facilities have been designed specifically to house only the most relevant equipment being used by today's top professional photographers.

We have the most sought-after facilities and equipment

While there are many photography schools with a variety of facilities that are adequately equipped to conduct their programs, we know of no other school that presents just one program of study, housed under one roof that is equipped with nothing but the most up-to-date and relevant equipment being used by today's working professional photographers.

Our 50,000 square foot Educational Center holds everything our students need to become successful graduates. Numerous working professional photographers have commented as to the uniqueness and appropriateness of the learning environment that we've created. Every inch of space has been designed to allow our students the opportunity to learn and train in surroundings that are safe and comfortable, inspiring and motivating, and equipped with the appropriate tools to ensure their success.

Hallmark has spared no expense to provide our students with the quality and volume of equipment that will support them in reaching their educational goals in a timely manner. An example of our commitment to the success of our students can be found in the camera equipment we put in the hands of our students. We start on the very first day of classes by handing each student their very own Canon DSLR camera system. They keep this camera in their possession throughout the entire 10-months of training. Once familiar with the premium DSLR camera system, we graduate to the Mamiya 645 AFDII medium format camera system and the Toyo 4x5 large format camera along with a Leaf Aptus 22 digital back.

Hallmark is known throughout the photography industry as a school that properly prepares its graduates to enter today's workforce. Our graduates are known to be knowledgeable about current equipment and industry trends, easily trainable and highly accountable. This comes as no surprise to them. After all, that's why they chose to come to Hallmark.


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