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After touring Hallmark's campus, the world-renowned photographer Jay Maisel labeled the Educational Center "great state-of-the-art teaching facilities." Our factory-like open-air environment is specifically designed to teach contemporary and digital photography to those who are serious in their pursuit of a career in professional photography and imaging.

This 50,000 square foot facility is highlighted by our Imaging Theater, the big brother to the already impressive Design Lab. Together they contain 160 professional imaging workstations comfortably laid out over 10,000 square feet and specifically designed with student and instructor comfort in mind.

An enormous commercial shooting area is divided into sixteen commercial bays and three large portrait rooms subdivide into nine individual portrait studios. Each bay and studio is fully equipped for 4x5 large-format traditional and digital capture and/or medium-format traditional and digital capture with professional electronic lighting systems, modification accessories and unlimited studio props.

An oversized Equipment Room is home to specialized conventional and digital professional photographic equipment for students to borrow and experiment with to enhance any photographic assignment.

A bright, open and airy 6,000 square foot Student Lounge with vending machines, student lockers, and a kitchenette is located on the second floor overlooking the Design Lab and the building's main entrance.

Adjoining the Student Lounge is the School Store, containing a retail student boutique with many treasures and essential photographic supplies for students and visitors. Our fully equipped Resource Center, containing hundreds of books relating to the technique, art, and business of photography, is also located off the Student Lounge.

Our comfortable and spacious Auditorium features impressive audio/visual equipment while playing host to our Guest Lecturer Series, featuring 30 - 40 of today's most influential photographers, artists, and business people. Students are also given the opportunity to give a presentation in this setting to better prepare themselves for the real world of photography, where in many cases, sharing, explaining, and discussing your work is part of the job.

The exterior of Hallmark's Administrative Office Building.  Home to Admissions, FInancial Aid, and the New Digital Video Studios.
The Educational Center is the heart of the school. Here is where students from around the country and around the world come together to master the art, technique, and business of photography. Our hands-on teaching style pushes students to experiment and be creative in their approach to image making.
The Commercial studios have medium format cameras and are setup for table-top photography.
Sixteen work spaces make up our Commercial Studio. Within this area, students master the art of "tabletop" photography.
Portrait studios have enough bays to let all students complete their assignments and personal work.
The Portrait Studio is always brimming with excitement. Nine individual bays contain advanced computer and lighting systems that are of the highest professional quality.
State of the art computers are found in both the Design Lab and the Imaging Theater
The Design Lab provides up to 80 computer workstations used for the instruction of design for print and web advertising materials.
Each workstation in the Imaging Theater has a Wacom tablet, a dedicated profssional photo printer, and a hardware calibrated display.
The Imaging Theater provides ample room to learn the digital imaging technologies that are essential in today's photographic marketplace.
Students have access to a library full of photographic art and technique books.
Research the greatest photographers of our time or a specific lighting technique in our Resource Center.
Instructor Braden Chattman advises a student.
Twenty-two private offices house our faculty and educational administrators, promoting one-on-one interaction between faculty, staff, and students.
The exterior of Hallmark's Administrative Office Building.  Home to Admissions, FInancial Aid, and the New Digital Video Studios.
Home to the first twenty classes to graduate the Hallmark program, the 11,000 square foot Administrative Office Building has evolved over the past sixteen years into a versatile support center for students. Housed here are the Office of the President, Admissions and Financial Aid Offices, as well as our Student and Community Services Offices. Hallmark's "Visiting Artists' Gallery" is also located here, featuring work from prominent photographers from all around the United States, as well as work created by many of our graduates. Work in this gallery changes regularly throughout the year. Our most recent addition to the Administrative Office Building is our new Video Production Suite. Purposely situated away from all of the still photography, design and digital imaging action at our Educational Center, this new space allows our students to focus on new video capture and production classes, designed to be incorporated with Hallmark's digital still photography program.

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