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What Professionals Say

Hallmark has a great reputation not only within the students and alumni, but also in the professional photographer community. Below are just some of the positive comments made by the leaders in the world of professional image-making.

  • Marc Schotland, via the MOAB Paper Blog

    ...Now, if you've never been up to the school, you're missing out on one of the best photo programs in the country. Nestled in the beautiful New England countryside of Turners Falls, Mass, Hallmark is renowned for its intensive hands-on curriculum. We witnessed exactly what this entailed by sitting in on a lighting class. We were blown away by the facilities, enthusiasm (both students and professors) and the quality of teaching.

    The professors are working professionals and are considered masters in their crafts, teaching students on the very best state-of-the-art equipment...Read the entire article.

    via the MOAB Paper Blog
    MOAB Paper

  • Paul Aresu, NYC

    Not only has the Institute made the necessary investment to continually update their state-of-the art facilities, but they constantly review and keep their curriculum at the forefront of this exciting industry — as demonstrated by the quality of student they graduate.

    Paul Aresu Photography
    New York, NY

  • Barbara Bordnick, NYC

    The warm reception when lecturing at Hallmark makes it feel like being welcomed home to find amazing cutting edge resources and facilities, supported by a great staff and faculty teaching a thoroughly comprehensive curriculum to a broad range of students of all ages and career levels.

    New York, NY
    photo by Christa Huffman

  • Lois Greenfield, NYC

    Whenever I hire a Hallmark graduate, I always get a first-rate professional, a man or woman that understands all that it takes to not only make a photograph, but more importantly to get the job done. Hallmark provides “real world” experience so the graduates can hit the ground running in whatever aspect of the business they choose.

    Lois Greenfield Photography
    New York, NY
    photo by Marc-Henri Cykiert

  • Gregory Heisler, NYC

    Unlike any other photographic school, Hallmark Institute has no investment in spreading out its program over four years (or more!). Hallmark’s unique “photo boot camp” approach gets its students up to speed in ten months by combining cutting edge photo equipment, state-of-the-art digital facilities, and motivated faculty who have first-hand experience with the real demands and expectations of the working world.

    Heisler Pictures
    New York, NY

  • Douglas Kirkland, Los Angeles

    The Hallmark Institute of Photography has several distinguishing qualities that make it an excellent choice for students: the total commitment on the part of the faculty; the facility with its state of the art equipment for both traditional and digital; the open minded and progressive professors; the tight and tense curriculum that provides total immersion in one year in an environment where the doors are open to the student 24x7. If I only I could be a student again, I would love to be in a place like Hallmark.

    Los Angeles, CA
    photo by Brian Mercer

  • Bobbi Lane, Westport

    Over the years I've had many Hallmark students assist me on my commercial assignments and some have developed into my regular "go to" first assistants. Every one of them has been great: prompt, efficient, attentive, anticipates my needs, willing to work hard, eager and enthusiastic. They have all been proficient at lighting, camera handling, digital capture and processing, and file management. Their level of knowledge in all aspects of photography has been astounding considering that the school is only ten months long! I've been very happy with every student who has worked with me and each year I look forward to the new group.

    Westport, CT

  • Mary Ellen Mark, NYC

    It's always a great pleasure lecturing at the Hallmark Institute. The students and faculty are most welcoming. The school has fantastic facilities and a solidly structured ten-month program which prepares the students for the tough and real, yet wonderful world of photography.

    New York, NY
    photo by James Carbone

  • Rob Paine, San Francisco

    This summer I have two Hallmark graduates taking part in our Photographers Professional Development Program, in addition to several Hallmark grads who are shooting with us as certified photographers. I enjoy working with Hallmark grads as they have a strong professional foundation and a wide range of creative and technical abilities. They also understand the client side of wedding photography, which is so critical in our line of our work.

    Photographers Professional Development Program Director
    Bella Pictures
    San Francisco, CA

  • Stewart Powers, Gainesville, FL

    Hallmark Institute’s ten-month program with its intense schedule, realistic business focus and uncompromising demand for student excellence, makes it one of the premier photographic education programs in the country.

    SUSAN POWERS M.Photog. Cr.
    STEWART POWERS M.Photog. Cr.
    ASP Fellow, MFA

    Powers Photography
    Gainesville, FL

  • Jack Reznicki, NYC

    Hallmark is committed to continually graduating students that are well versed in all the latest tools and techniques of professional photography, especially their digital education.

    Jack Reznicki Photography
    New York, NY

  • Rick Souders, Denver

    The photography program at Hallmark Institute is aggressive, progressive and puts students on the fast track to their professional careers. It is a creative blend between great faculty, great facilities and an intense desire to educate students.

    Souders Photography
    Denver, CO

  • Joyce Tenneson, NYC

    Maine Media Workshops hired five Hallmark graduates this summer as teaching assistants, and were exceedingly impressed with their skills. Hallmark seems to train their students not only in photography, but in a realistic work ethic that serves the current job market. Their graduates have a grasp of what it really takes to be a working photographer, and are willing to put in the hard work that it takes to succeed in the industry today.

    New York, NY


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