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After enrolling in the program, you'll want to begin thinking about your home away from home. With the help from our Housing Office and a team of incredibly loyal landlords/property managers, you will be able to secure an apartment, a room in a home or a house that will provide you with safety, cleanliness and affordability...all with great ease. With a busy class schedule and plenty of work to do, you'll also enjoy the added benefit and independence of living close by.

Hallmark Institute of Photography's Student Housing Website

Generally speaking, the housing process begins around the same time as your funding is in place — that way you will know how much rent (and other monthly expenses) your budget will allow. However, since the availability of rental units fluctuates, we don't start the process more than 3 months before you start the program.

When it begins, we start you off with a survey that helps you to define your wants and needs. We'll ask questions about your living style, habits and hobbies, and other facts that are crucial to the matching process. Once your survey is completed and accepted, you will have access to our searchable housing database. This database provides descriptions and contact information about available properties and classmates who want to share apartments.

While we suggest visiting to see the available housing opportunities firsthand, we understand that not everyone can come see the properties in person. Even if you can't visit, we can help you. No matter what your situation, concern or idea, contact us and let us know. We will do everything in our power to help you find the right match for your living space and (if desired) roommates.

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