Important Announcement - Hallmark Closure of All Operations

The Hallmark Institute of Photography maintained a strong presence and has been an important part of the fabric of the Turners Fall community. Premier Education Group, LP, Hallmark’s owner, is proud of the school’s legacy.

In order to adapt to the changing needs and interests of the students and local communities, a determination was made to end Hallmark’s operations. In reaching this decision, Hallmark evaluated its program offerings, but was unable to create a revision that would keep its mission intact and in line with the current job market.

Hallmark’s mission, which was not only to provide quality education in photography but to translate that foundation into entry-level jobs for its students, was challenged by advances in technology and the downturn in traditional forms of media and photographic imaging.

Hallmark has notified the appropriate federal and state agencies as well as the accrediting bodies about its closure. Premier Education Group, LP remains committed to providing the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in career endeavors.

All Hallmark’s student records are stored electronically and in hard copy form at the Department of Professional Licensure Office of Private Occupational School Education (“DPL”) for a period of at least sixty (60) years. Graduates can contact the DPL with questions or concerns at 617-727-5811, or via its website