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Our Unique Curriculum

40% of Hallmark's unique curriculum integrates the business of photography with art and technique.

While many photography schools claim to 'teach' the business of photography, we know of no other school that integrates today's photographic business practices with the principles of photographic art and technique like we do here at Hallmark. Not only do we educate our students on the theory and philosophy of marketing, management, finance and personnel as it relates to photography, but we have designed our curriculum to incorporate that information into everything we do.

Classes filled with theory and philosophy are important, but it's the opportunity to apply what we have been taught that allows us to really learn. From day one of your Hallmark training you will have the opportunity to apply what you learn, be it in your photography, art and design, or business classes.

To further support our curriculum integration, our approach to evaluation of your academic progress is based not on alphabetic or numeric "grades", but on a system of "dollar credits". Each and every assignment that you will be given will be in the form of a business contract. That's right, you will have the opportunity to complete the assignment as if you were working as a professional photographer in the real world. The assignment will possess a specific dollar credit potential, similar to that of what you could expect to earn in the real world for doing the same assignment. You will have the opportunity to complete the assignment to the best of your ability. If you succeed to the expectations of your customer, in this case your instructor, you will receive full dollar credit. Should you fall short, you will receive an amount of dollar credits that equates to the success of your assignment. Whether you achieve full dollar credit or make a mistake, rest assured, you will receive valuable feedback and input on your work.

Here at Hallmark you even earn dollar credits when you to go to class. As in the real world, when you put in an honest day's work, you can expect to be paid. It's no different here. You will receive dollar credits for each and every hour that you are in class. You see, there's a reason why our forty hours of classes each and every week coincides with a normal work week.

Everything we do here at Hallmark has a purpose, and that is to make you a successful graduate. In our view, there is nothing we do that is more important to ensure we reach that goal than the integration of the business of photography with the art and technique of photography.


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