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Courses: Design & Imaging Arts

Lois Greenfield, one of the many world renowned guest lecturers brought in by Hallmark each year.

Approximately 250 Clock hours

DESIA 3011 Basic Design
This class is an introduction to basic two-dimensional design and composition. Lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises emphasize visual thinking through utilization of design principles, concept development,basic software skills, and typography.
DESIA 3012 Typographic Design I
An introduction to typography, this class includes a brief history, current and historical examples of typographic design, audience perception, and creative use of letterforms. Basic design skills will be incorporated with use of type to explore visual communication and information organization. In-class exercises encourage students to explore typeface combinations, color, and layout. Students will be introduced to the type tool and character palette in Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® InDesign®.
DESIA 3013 Introduction to Color Theory
Understanding color is a powerful tool that applies to just about every area of our lives. This class introduces the additive and subtractive color systems, including color wheels, color harmonies, color temperature, andcolor psychology. Instruction emphasizes color relationships and how they work to strengthen both photography and design.
DESIA 3022 Typographic Design II
Typographic treatments will be woven into classes combining design of advertising and self-promotion materials. Students will explore the use of type and other design elements regarding messaging, communication, and information dissemination and its relationship to audience perception. Advanced skills are covered in both Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® InDesign®. Prerequisite: DESIA 3012
DESIA 3024 Publication Design I
This class explores the application of design principles for single and multi-page documents. Instruction will include Adobe® InDesign® tools and features, including layers, the type tool and character palette, text flow, importing photographs, manipulating objects and object effects. Design exercises and assignments emphasize page composition, grid systems, color harmonies, typographic, and photographic relationships. Students will design a self-promotional stationery package including letterhead, envelope, and business card.
DESIA 3025 Introduction to Art History
The role of photography as art and its relationship to other art historical developments is discussed in this brief survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture from early ancient times to contemporary 20th century. This class seeks to develop an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of a variety of visual forms as well as the integration of art concepts and composition with photographic work. Referencing a work of art, students will develop a photographic concept incorporating composition, lighting, posing, props, color palette, mood, gesture, and overall styling.
DESIA 3034 Publication Design II
A continuation of the basics learned in Publication Design I, students will study more advanced techniques and features to design and enhance the visual look, organization, and functionality of a document. Adobe® InDesign® instruction will include an introduction to master pages, styles, paths, placing images, transparency, and prepress workflow. Practical assignments are given which include a product advertisement, magazine cover, and a multi-page self-promotional brochure. Prerequisite: DESIA 3024
DESIA 3036 Introduction to Media Buyers& Production Management
This class introduces students to the people and companies that hire and work with professional photographers. Through a series of virtual field trips, students learn about the inner workings and personnelat advertising agencies, professional printing and publishing companies.

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