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Photography Courses: Digital Imaging

Photograph by Estevao Salles. A self portrait taken in the Digital Imaging computer lab.

Approximately 400 Clock hours

DIGIM 2011 Digital Foundations
Running a modern imaging business demands both strong computer and photographic skills. In this class you learn how to effectively select, use, manage, and troubleshoot the computer hardware and software that digital photography requires. Topics include file types, software installation settings, hard drive setup and maintenance, file recovery and monitor calibration. Students are introduced to professional digital file management practices that include the appropriate use of portable drives, network volumes, optical media and online services for storage, delivery and backup.
DIGIM 2012 Digital Imaging Workflow I
Workflow is key to operating as a successful photographer today. Disciplined practice and in-depth exploration of digital technology are combined with software and hardware instruction to create a solid methodology for managing, editing, and backing up files. Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® is introduced for raw file processing, image adjustments, and output for delivering files and making inkjet prints; all core skills needed to create an outstanding portfolio. Students put into practice proper file delivery and backup as well as ICC color management procedures.
DIGIM 2013 Color Management
Professional photographers demand accuracy, control, and predictability of their images, and understanding the intricacies and characteristics of the proper tools has always been what separates a professional from an amateur. A thorough knowledge of color spaces and ICC profiles and how they are used to maintain consistent color between various imaging devices, such as digital cameras, scanners, monitors, inkjet printers and offset presses is explored.
DIGIM 2014 Introduction to Digital Capture
This class is an introduction to digital imaging technology and its practical applications. Topics range from “what is a pixel?,” to best exposure practices and how photographers apply them in today’s professional photographic marketplace. Students learn the use of professional digital backs and DSLR systems through hands-on experience with each format. Topics also include file shooting options, picture settings, neutral balance techniques, and exposure for digital systems.
DIGIM 2015 Digital Asset Management
How best to manage a growing archive of images is one of the most widely discussed topics in digital imaging. Being effective at managing your digital assets is essential for professional photographers today. Students use industry standards and put into practice the skills they have learned using Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® to organize and manage their growing catalog of images. Throughout the year, this course explores topics such as delivery of images to clients and how best to prepare images for a wide variety of output options such as print, web, and display.
DIGIM 2022 Digital Imaging Workflow II
Working efficiently is paramount to delivering jobs in a timely manner. This class continues to build on the techniques introduced in Digital Imaging Workflow I. Creating presets and templates in Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® to streamline workflow is covered, along with techniques for working efficiently. Metadata and keyword entry is introduced. Prerequisite: DIGIM 2012
DIGIM 2023 Imaging Output
Understanding all that goes into producing an image ready for final delivery is how great images are made. This class provides structured time where students can work one on one with instructors to push their images to the limits of perfection and achieve the nuanced knowledge required for creating portfolio pieces at each stage of the program.
DIGIM 2026 Retouching
Both basic and advanced retouching techniques are supporting skills that help a photographer better serve client needs. Removing imperfections, enhancing color and replacing or removing objects helps to elevate a photographer’s vision. This class covers specific techniques for retouching portraits, as well as client expectations for product file delivery.
DIGIM 2031 Video Editing
Video editing is an art, and students will learn how to put their video clips together with professional editing techniques. Through assignments and in-class demonstrations, students will learn proper video workflow, including how to transfer files, sync audio, sequence and edit footage with Final Cut Pro.
DIGIM 2032 Digital Imaging Workflow III
A continuation of standard practices and proper protocol introduced in Digital Imaging Workflow I & II, various industry-specific workflows are explored, including: portraiture, fashion, tabletop, wedding, high-volume, and fine art workflows. The goal of this class is to give students the necessary tools to create an outstanding portfolio and to prepare professional comps, proofs, and final prints for clients. In short, this class gives the student a complete understanding of image optimization and digital printing using the latest technology through continued use of Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® and Adobe® Photoshop®. Prerequisite: DIGIM 2022
DIGIM 2035 Tools & Techniques of Digital Imaging
This class brings you further into the world of digital post-production using the capabilities of Adobe® Photoshop®. You will expand your repertoire of techniques for retouching, repairing, and enhancing images, and deepen your understanding of digital image files, including concepts of image resolution, sharpening, tonality and color. A grounded knowledge of all the aspects of photography will come into play as you tackle complex tasks like multiple image blending and local color correction, and continue to refine your skills in creating printed output as you move toward completion of your own portfolio.
DIGIM 2046 Digital Photo Compositing
Assembling multiple images into one has opened up a whole new world for photographers and art directors. Replacing backgrounds, adding elements, or using stylized treatments to achieve a final concept has become standard throughout the advertising world. Through the use of Adobe® Photoshop® students expand the boundaries of imaging possibilities.
DIGIM 2047 Digital Technician
Digital technology is at the center of photography today. This class explains the processes necessary to work as a digital photographer, serve as a Digital Assistant or Digital Technician, and to maintain a digital studio. Professional photographers in all branches of photography are shooting digitally, and this has opened the door to a new job opportunity, to work as a digital technician. Digital techs are hired to set up, run, and troubleshoot digital capture systems during a shoot, as well as manage and prepare files for delivery. Color management, device profiling, and systems calibration are key topics. Students get in-depth knowledge of software tools used in the industry and are trained on workflow techniques specific to different situations. Other topics include strategies, industry information, resources and support for the digital tech.

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