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Courses: Finance

Students in a Finance course present material from their research project.

Approximately 50 Clock hours

FINAC 7012 Record Keeping
Keeping accurate and up-to-date records is crucial to any successful business. You will learn how to track income and expense items, forecast a budget, and create a cash flow. Sales tracking, invoicing, estimating, and file management will also be covered. Learn to understand the necessary vocabulary needed to deal with financial advisors.
FINAC 7025 Equipment Planning & Purchasing
There is a wide world of camera equipment, lighting, computers, and printers out there, but you don’t have to own it all. Learn how to create an equipment acquisition plan for photography and video based on your current and future needs. This class will cover what and when you should consider buying, and how to make the most valuable and informed decisions.
FINAC 7032 Purchasing & Inventory
Effective timing of purchases and proper monitoring of supply stock is essential in running a small business. Learn how to establish an inventory control system that will allow you to efficiently purchase supplies and track their usage.
FINAC 7035 Business Planning
Launching a successful business or career—especially in a creative field—requires planning. This series of classes will culminate with the actual creation of a business plan that outlines your formal statement of business goals, a plan for reaching those goals, and marketing and financial plans that will help you get where you want to be.
FINAC 7041 Business Law
From business structure to taxes, there are many legal issues to address when starting a business. This class will provide clear and concise information that will assist you in starting-up and managing your business. You will cover topics such as trademark and copyright, while also learning how to choose and communicate with an attorney.
FINAC 7044 Financing
The relationship of time, money, and risk are the building blocks to understanding financing. This class will explore options for securing capital to start a small business, and will cover what is expected in the financial component of your business plan.
FINAC 7046 Contracts & Proposals
This class will cover a wide range of documents and agreements that a professional photographer needs to have at their fingertips. Learn how and when to submit a business proposal, what to include on an invoice, and how to produce sales and service contracts for stock, portraits and weddings, as well as commercial and industrial photography jobs.

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