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MANGT 5012 Planning & Analysis Tools
Business planning for both short and long term success is crucial to the small business owner. This class will teach you how to plan for a stable fiscal year: to develop sales forecasts and marketing calendars to keep your business running smoothly. You’ll learn how and when to integrate effective marketing strategies into your overall business plan.
MANGT 5013 Business Communications
Effective communication is a crucial component of any small business. This series of classes will ultimately boost your confidence and sharpen your communication skills. Traditional methods such as letter writing, résumé writing, in-person, and telephone communications will be covered along with contemporary methods such as web-based and e-mail communications. An emphasis is placed on effective public speaking and audio/visual presentations.
MANGT 5014 Career Observations I
The field of professional photography is growing rapidly, and encompasses a wide range of job opportunities. This class explores a variety of career options within the professional still photography and motion imaging industries.
MANGT 5015 Professional Associations & Services
Successful professional photographers rely on a network of services and support to keep them at the top of their game. Professional associations, continuing education, convention and trade shows, and seminar resources are explained; as well as where to turn for ongoing marketing, business, or legal advice.
MANGT 5021 Site Selection
Location is more than choosing a building to operate from; it is a key component to the success of any retail or service business venture. This class will compare key business locations such as shopping malls, downtown real estate, and in-home studios. Further consideration must be given to pedestrian and automobile traffic, parking, accessibility and store-front image display area.
MANGT 5024 Career Observations II
This career-oriented class marks the beginning of Hallmark’s renowned Guest Lecturer Series featuring autobiographical lectures and discussions by some of the world’s most significant contributors to the photography and imaging industry. Prerequisite: MANGT 5015
MANGT 5026 Visual Communications
The use of spoken words or music combined with imagery often creates a strong emotional response in the viewer. Learn to build engaging visual videos and multi-media presentations to capture and intrigue your audience. Effective use of these visual tools will enhance communication skills as you develop your imaging career and business.
MANGT 5027 Current Studio Operations
This class will provide an overview of the marketing and management methods used by successful high-volume, medium-volume, and low-volume studios. Discussion revolves around current imaging market conditions, anticipated trends, and successful operating procedures.
MANGT 5031 Business Organization
Two very important questions will be addressed in this class: Should you go into business alone or with a partner? What type of business organization should you use for your business: proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company? You will learn how to recognize your business strengths and select a team of advisors, such as attorneys, accountants, and other business professionals.
MANGT 5032 Plans for Business Control
Every business needs proper control systems in place to ensure its success. Learn how to establish, monitor, and report performance standards in your business. This class will teach you how to create and interpret balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flows in order to monitor your business. You will also learn how to evaluate personnel and implement small business policies.
MANGT 5034 Career Observations III
Continuation of Hallmark’s renowned Guest Lecturer Series. Prerequisite: MANGT 5024
MANGT 5036 Interpersonal Communications
If communication can fail, it will. Understanding interpersonal communications in the workplace will help you build successful relationships at work. This class will study the four principles of interpersonal communications and use them as building blocks for effective, results-oriented behavior.
MANGT 5044 Career Observations IV
Final segment of Hallmark’s renowned Guest Lecturer Series. Prerequisite: MANGT 5034
MANGT 5045 Vendor Relations
Proper vendor relations can make or break your business. It all starts with choosing the right outside vendors to enhance your business, but equally important is knowing how to develop a good working relationship that provides benefits for both parties.
MANGT 5048 Studio Layout & Design
Using sound design and proven retail principles, learn how to plan your studio’s layout and create the best atmosphere possible. Analyze the special needs associated with different types of studios, from cyclorama walls and freight elevators to reception and sales rooms.

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