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MARKT 4011 Principles of Professional Photography
For the professional photographer to succeed, he or she needs to achieve a balance between art, craft, and business acumen. This class delves into the importance of photography and video as businesses and explores the crucial application of ethics in business to examine not only how profits are made, but to ensure that business can be sustained using these practices.
MARKT 4012 Advertising
Small business advertising is both a science and an art. An introduction to the various advertising media used by working professional photographers will be covered. You will learn to shoot to layout, explore different type and design options to create a business logo and letterhead that reflect the personality of your business. This class will define the expectations for professional-level still and motion imagery.
MARKT 4013 Salesmanship
Today’s most successful salespeople are those who work hard to understand their customers’ needs with the ultimate goal of ensuring that those needs are satisfied at the highest level. This class will analyze ways to effectively achieve this objective. You will be introduced to the psychology of how customers think, feel, reason, and make decisions when faced with different products and options.
MARKT 4014 Public Relations
Similar to effective advertising and promotions, effective public relations often depends on creating and implementing a well-designed plan. Learn how to craft a strategy that will effectively establish your business and build strong ties within your community.
MARKT 4015 Introduction to Website Design
The web gives imaging professionals great opportunities to showcase their work attractively and inexpensively. Professional photographers can use the Internet to market themselves, sell images, and prospect for jobs. In this class you learn to design, publish, promote, and maintain a professional web presence. This class will help you understand what works, what doesn’t, and why. You will learn how to identify your audience, refine your message, and present your work and your credentials effectively. You will learn about visual design tools, composition, color, preparation of images, testing, and other elements that go into effective web design.
MARKT 4022 Self Promotion
Promotional strategies coupled with the creative process of design are essential for business development and success in the marketplace. This class includes concept development, clarification of self/business image, differentiation of “look,” and the importance of consistent communication. Students will be introduced to online directories and sourcebooks as well as entering contests. To prepare for business, students will learn to create self-promotional printed and video projects, and develop a visual identity for their business.
MARKT 4026 Marketing Analysis
The key component of any effective business plan is market analysis: a thorough examination of your target market. You will identify who buys portrait photography versus commercial photography, and how video products can play a role in your business. Strong and effective Social Media marketing will discussed.
MARKT 4027 Pricing
This class will introduce you to the four basic components of a successful pricing strategy: product costs, price sensitivity, competition, and product life cycle. You will identify steadfast ways to establish pricing for a large range of different photo and video products through the process of cost analysis. You will produce portrait price lists for business, as well as a guide to use in dealing with clients while you are a student.
MARKT 4028 Brand Management
Creating and maintaining a strong brand that delivers on promise relies on many different factors. You will be introduced to resources that will teach you how to create an effective strategy involving advertising, marketing, public relations, and research to assist you in building your brand and strengthen your business.
MARKT 4032 Out-of-Studio Displays
One of the most cost-effective, tried and true ways for the professional photographer to market their product is by creating an attractive photography display and hanging it in appropriate locations, such as banks, libraries, restaurants, and hotels. This class will show you how to coordinate, create, and leverage this type of promotional opportunity.
MARKT 4033 Sales Promotion
Finding creative ways to increase sales is a challenge for small business. This class discusses proven alternative techniques to persuade your clients to respond. You’ll learn how to achieve the five major promotional objectives; building product awareness, creating interest, providing information, stimulating demand, and reinforcing your brand.
MARKT 4035 Advanced Website Design
Building on the skills learned in Introduction to Website Design, this class equips the student to publish and maintain an effective website. You will find out how to select and register a professional domain name. You will learn about uploading, editing, expanding, and maintaining your site, as well as measuring activity to make sure you’re getting results. We’ll show you which web hosting services offer the best value, features, and reliability, and you’ll learn how to evaluate and purchase services from professional web developers when needed. This class will give you the tools and guidance you need to graduate with a knockout website to showcase your work for potential clients and employers. Prerequisite: MARKT 4015
MARKT 4038 Product Development
Finding new products and services to bring to the photographic marketplace will keep your business competitive and ensure repeat customers. You will learn about different presentation materials available to the professional market, and be inspired to create a niche to help build business and satisfy or create demand.
MARKT 4043 Selling Plans
Gain the confidence you need to present your photography effectively to existing clients and new prospects. You will learn how to research your target market and create the most effective selling plan for your employees to ensure consistently positive sales results.
MARKT 4048 Packaging
Presenting your photographs professionally is the final touch of an expert sales experience. In this class, you will be introduced to options for professional presentation and packaging that support the look and feel of your business.
MARKT 4049 Allied Products
Offering clients add-on products that support their photography is a great way to enhance sales and keep clients happy. Learn about sources for professional products such as frames, albums, folios, plaques, cards, invitations, and other effective merchandising options.

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