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A student meets for the formal review of her portfolio from Phase III.  Students have both formal and informal review of their progress throughout the program.

Approximately 50 Clock hours

PERSL 6012 Professional Development I
All businesses work with people, but understanding a wide range of personalities is key to a professional photographer’s success. Exploring what makes each of us tick helps to understand the best methods for effective communication, whether it’s with someone we’re photographing or it’s a coworker. Personal goal-setting and self-development programs will also be discussed.
PERSL 6021 Employee Relations, Compensation & Motivation
When it’s time to add employees to your business, knowing how to recruit and hire the right ones is vital. This class will focus on creating a work environment that will demand successful results. Proven methods to organize employee work time and delegate responsibilities to maximize your staff’s strengths will be introduced. Effective employee motivation and compensation methods will be discussed.
PERSL 6022 Professional Development II
A continuation of Professional Development I, this class looks at how our communication style changes under stress. You’ll be introduced to a range of stress management techniques and will learn to re-direct attention to external cues in order to stay on task and in business. Prerequisite: PERSL 6012
PERSL 6025 Career Development I
This class will widen your horizons and concentrate on preparing you for the best career choice possible by analyzing the wide range of career opportunities available in the photography and imaging industry.
PERSL 6031 Interview Skills
Crucial decisions about you are often formed in the first three seconds of an encounter. Learn how to prepare and rehearse
for the all-important interview in the photography and imaging marketplace. You will participate in workshops and mock interviews with professional photographers.
PERSL 6033 Training, Education & Advancement
This class is designed to promote long-range planning in your business for you and for your employees. You will be encouraged to develop a plan that will help you keep up
with industry changes and ensure professional training for your employees.
PERSL 6035 Career Development II
Expanding on the foundations of Career Development I, you will further explore career options by researching specific career fields that are of interest to you. You will be encouraged to make connections and get real-world experience and practical advice in your specific area of interest. Prerequisite: PERSL 6025
PERSL 6038 Career Business Planning
This class combines the use of the foundations gained in both Business Planning and Career Development. It culminates with an in-depth individual career conference to discuss your business plan, your work, and your personal and professional goals.
PERSL 6042 Professional Development III
Upon successful completion of Hallmark’s 10-month program, you’ll want to stay on top of industry changes and begin to build a network of peers that will become your photographic lifeline. This class will explore options for remaining viable and thriving in the photographic community. Prerequisite: PERSL 6022
PERSL 6043 Part-time Employees, Outside Services
Learning how to locate, hire, and work with part-time and freelance employees is the focus of this class. You’ll discuss ways to evaluate and compensate service personnel such as stylists, make-up artists, digital technicians, and assistants.

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