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Graduate Spotlight

Chad Champoux Headshot
I first started coming to open houses at the Hallmark Institute of Photography when I was 16. Upon graduating high school I knew from the start that there was no other learning facility that could compare to Hallmark. Not only was seeing how the facility was run and who the students and staff were, but the results of the program spoke and continue to speak for themselves.

After going through the program I can't help but think what a long strange trip it's been. Hallmark has given me the confidence and knowledge to succeed in the competitive field of photography. Along with the ability to find the balance between capture and creation that makes a picture a photograph. I will never forget my time spent at Hallmark. There is a bonding throughout the building that is mystical. Everyone there (students and faculty) are there for you, for better or for worse. To know that my future's foundation started/starts at the Hallmark Institute of Photography is a gift that I will forever be thankful for.
Chad Champoux
Class of 2009
  • Week one!

    The new students start classes this week, are issued their Canon 5D Mark III cameras, Sekonic light meters, and other equipment they will need for the duration of the program.

  • Greenfield Field Trip

    Students get an introduction to their new gear, and head out to explore Greenfield MA on assignment.

  • Photojournalism

    Photojournalist Matthew Cavanaugh talks about how to properly photograph an event, and prepares students to shoot the Will Bike 4 Food event on September 28th to benefit the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

  • Business Communications

    New students start their public speaking experience by working on a short autobiographical speech.

  • Portrait and Commercial Students

    The October graduating class is about halfway through Phase IV, and uses time in the studios to perfect their year-end final portfolios.

This Week in Pictures

    The current class welcomes the new incoming group of students by introducing them to the Portrait Studio.
    Kristin Stewart

    Kristin Stewart

    Current students teamed up over the weekend to photograph a wedding and create images for their final portfolios.
    David Turner photo

    David Turner photo

    Students receive their Canon 5D Mark III camera kits this week and practice working with the new gear.
    David Turner

    David Turner

    October graduates work together on kid wrangling during a photo shoot.

    Are You Serious About a Career in Photography?

    Call: 413-863-2478

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