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Graduate Spotlight

Emily Rose Darrow Headshot

In May of 2013, I took a chance. I packed my things and took off to a place I had never been. After a fourteen-hour drive I ended up on the east coast at Hallmark's doorstep. I took a chance, and it changed my life. No decision had ever been as impactful or significant in my young life. As a photographer, I would have never matured and grown as much as I have if I hadn't attended this institute. Sure there were struggles, sure sometimes we all wanted to quit- but nothing, and I mean nothing, can take away the beaming pride I felt sitting at my final review and realizing what a cultured, thoughtful, and complex artist I had become. If you want to be a photographer, there isn't even an option. Hallmark will teach you things and nurture you in ways that most artists will never experience in their entire careers. I'm honored to be an alumnus, and sad to see it all go fast, but I will take Hallmark with me wherever I go in life. I am forever grateful to be part of such an expansive and unique family. The journey doesn't end. You take the wings they give you- and you soar.

Emily Rose Darrow
Class of 2014

What's Happening at Hallmark

  • Video

    Students from the October graduating class are working on their final video project: making a video portfolio of their current work.

  • Imaging Workflow

    Students practice retouching, compositing and color-correcting skills with instructor guidance.

  • Salesmanship

    Instructor Rich Barnes goes over the importance of client relationships, and the art of selling.

  • Design

    Students work on putting the finishing touches on their web sites, business logos and promotional pieces in Design class this week.

This Week in Pictures

Lilly Lesmeister photo

Lilly Lesmeister photo

Instructor Tony Downer shows students different types of studio lighting.

Are You Serious About a Career in Photography?

Call: 413-863-2478

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