Are You Serious About a Career
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Open House for Careers in Photography

Join us on Saturday, December 6th for a chance to learn more about Hallmark Institute of Photography and the exciting field of Professional Photography. 

  • Tour our Educational Facilities
  • Meet our Resident Faculty and current students
  • Get behind the lens of our medium and large format cameras
  • Take portraits in Hallmark's portrait and commercial studios.
  • Make some prints from images you take in our studios, but most importantly, go home with all of your questions answered.

If you have been thinking about a career in photography but just don't know how to get started, this is your opportunity! 

Come to see for yourself on
Saturday, December 6th starting at 12:30 pm. 

Call us now at 413.863.2478 or RSVP here to let us know you will be joining us!


Graduate Spotlight

Lili Silva Headshot
For me, coming to Hallmark was one of the best and most thought-out decisions I've ever made in my life and I will definitively never regret it. My main objective was to improve my skills in photography and take it to another level and I've not only accomplished that but also I've lived one of the most wonderful, exciting and frightening experiences of my life. What I liked and enjoyed the most was to have such an amazing group of talented photographers always willing to help and support you during this rollercoaster ride that Hallmark's intensive 10 month program represents.
Lili Silva
Class of 2012

What's Happening at Hallmark

  • Location Lighting with Gregory Heisler

    Visiting Artist Gregory Heisler is back again this week to teach students the basics of how to see light and color.

  • Visual Communication

    Instructor Derrick Zellmann talks about photography as a language in his Visual Communications class this week.

  • Portrait Studios

    Students are in their second week in the Portrait Studios, and they are learning how to control fill light.

  • Commercial Studios

    In Commercial Studio this week, students are introduced to the intricacies of a 4x5 camera, and practice by photographing a product with a prop.

  • Guest Lecturer: Niki Lazaridou

    Hallmark is pleased to welcome fashion photographer Niki Lazaridou. Niki is a creative and busy freelance fashion photographer based in Boston. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with Fashion TV, Photo Vogue, and a wide variety of different fashion magazines. Her highly stylized and evocative images are buils on strong concepts. Each project allows her to showcase her own unique photographic style.

    "Photography is my passion" Niki says. "I was meant to do this. I enter a different world once I step behind the camera...and that world feels wonderful." 

    To view some of Niki's work, visit

This Week in Pictures

    David Turner photo

    David Turner photo

    Students had fun and did a fantastic job over the weekend, raising over $2,500 in one day for the United Way of Franklin County.
    David Turner photo

    David Turner photo

    Students edited images with clients on the spot this weekend at Hallmark's fundraising event.
    Todd Verlander photo

    Todd Verlander photo

    We are so happy to have the infamous Gregory Heisler back at Hallmark. Our Visiting Artist spent time with students this week in a specialized lighting class.
    Derrick Zellmann photo

    Derrick Zellmann photo

    Students are back in the commercial studio this week, learning how to photograph products with a 4x5 camera.
    Derrick Zellmann photo

    Derrick Zellmann photo

    In the portrait studio, students work in teams and learn how to properly use a fill light for portraiture.

    Instructor Derrick Zellmann lead the discussion on how to communicate with photography, and how to create work with intention.
    Tony Downer

    Tony Downer

    Students loved having fashion photographer Niki Lazaridou at Hallmark so much today, that they didn't want to let her leave!

    Are You Serious About a Career in Photography?

    Call: 413-863-2478

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