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Graduate Spotlight

Luis Tobian Headshot

I have to say that I do not recommend Hallmark, at least not to everyone. I would only do so to the people who are committed and passionate about photography. The experiences at Hallmark have become some of the best moments of my life. To have loved photography for so long, to have struggled for almost 15 years trying to take pictures and finally arriving at a place and in 10 months come out the other side making, not taking pictures is something only Hallmark can offer. It is not easy, although, you the student has to put 100%, like in many things in life you get back what you put in.

Luis Tobian
Class of 2011

What's Happening at Hallmark

  • Phase III Studios

    After going over production sheets and planning shots for their Phase III assignment, students get going on their shoots this week.

  • Brand Management

    Art Director Todd Verlander walks students through how to create a brand for their photographic business, and how to best reach their target market.

  • Current Studio Operations

    Instructor Rich Barnes discusses the psychology of selling photographic work, and how a portrait studio is run.

  • Career Business Plan

    Instructor Lisa Robinson walks students through the steps they need to accomplish in order to get started on their personal Career Business Plans.

  • Brattleboro Field Trip

    Students from the new group will brave the snowy weather this week to explore the beautiful town of Brattleboro, Vermont on assignment this week.

This Week in Pictures

    Tony Downer photo

    Tony Downer photo

    To wrap up last week, students from both cohorts were treated to a full-blown fashion demo in the auditorium.
    David Turner photo

    David Turner photo

    Students work together this week to execute a shot for their fashion photography assignment.
    David Turner photo

    David Turner photo

    Student Nick carefully places props for a tabletop shot in the Commercial Studio.

    Are You Serious About a Career in Photography?

    Call: 413-863-2478

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